Linux Administrator – Lead

Job Profile

  • Experience with process-driven workflow for problem resolution, production software deployment, and reporting.
  • Expertise: Linux Servers (Redhat-based), Windows server 2008R2, MSSQL, Networking, IPtables filtering, IPtables packet mangling, Haproxy, Heartbeat, Apache, Tomcat, Puppet, Yum, named, MySQL, subversion, nagios / icinga, collected/graphite.
  • Log aggregation and monitoring.
  • A focus on maintaining existing infrastructure and interested in making suggestions for improvement.
  • Adhering to and improving on security and information security policies for sensitive data.
  • 5+ years deep Linux knowledge of various Linux flavors including CentOS and Red Hat.
  • 3 years Power MTA experience or with similar bulk emailing systems such as Qmail, etc.


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